The international forum for electro-acoustical music and media art is rooted in the festival for synthesizer music Medien-Nacht.

Ideas for the forum neue_nacht began in communication with Prof. Dr. Dieter Salbert, who is initiator and director of arts of the Neue Akademie Braunschweig. In this tradition Vlady Bystrov continued these ideas.

Drei Tage Neue Musik

You will find all information for the "Drei Tage Neue Musik" festival here:

Drei Tage Neue Musik

For Vlady Bystrov the neue_nacht combines two antagonisms that are deep-rooted in culture: acoustical and electronic music as well as solo and ensemble music.

From the very first, the project neue_nacht tries to pursue experimental work in music as an independent field as well as an equal partner for visual media.

The concerts within the scope of the project present "unheard" sounds and in this respect also new sensual experiences. The digital technology inspires a wide variety of musical inventions such as digital synthesis of sounds, algorhythmical composition, live electronic as far as radio play, sound installation and audio-visual technology. All of them can be part of the project depending on the musical phantasies of the artist.