The international forum for electro-acoustical music and media art neue_nacht provides an opportunity for the exchange between local and international artists and composers. Linking artwork and broad public it mainly pursues three objectives:

- better understanding of the tensions in the relation of traditional and modern music perceptions
- tracing media art, live electronics and electro-acoustical music as significant manifestations in modern music
- developing and presenting projects in which local composers and artists from the Braunschweig area meet with international artists.

In terms of the aesthetic spectrum, the planned performances and projects of the international artists are not restricted to the paradigm of new music of the 20th century. Although most of the projects are routed in this paradigm, the forum project is open for all kinds of music which pursue new experiences in music by being open minded about open technologies.

The events of the forum take place in international cooperation with similar institutions, festivals, ensembles and broadcasting corporations. Additionally, the unique program of visiting artists is supported by foundations and by realizing joint orders with third parties.

Due to the public financing of the forum project no particular project with a commercial context will be realized.